Indoor Camps

Unified Youth Inc presents Fun & Healthy Indoor Team (F.H.I.T) Camps for ages 6- 11 at a local venue in your community. F.H.I.T. Camps are a new and exciting way to have an indoor field day with health, wellness, and teamwork built into the fabric of the program. These two hour camps will keep your child engaged physically and mentally while equipping them with valuable tools when they leave.

UY provides camps that are geared towards certain age appropriate developments. The two age groups that UY puts camps on for are 6-8 years old and 9-11 years old. The 6-8 year old camps are called F.H.I.T Cubs. The 9-11 year old camps are called F.H.I.T Bears.

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UY focuses on bringing the younger community together. These camps provide team activities that build leadership and character. The games that we play do not even feel like exercise. We incorporate movements to help children remember important things such as drinking more water and eating more fruits. We believe that exercise should not be viewed as a hard, unimaginable task. Exercise should be fun activities like playing at the park, playing outside, and playing games with friends.

Don’t let bad weather or harsh conditions be an excuse for not having playtime and exercise; let us be the spark to ignite children any season of the year. With video gaming growing in popularity, there is a great need for socialization and community engagement.

We will have camps running all year at various locations so don’t hesitate to share your experience with family and friends on social media. If we do not have a scheduled camp coming to your area, please email us at to request a custom event for your community!