F.H.I.T Bears

Bear Camp: Ages 9-11

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The F.H.I.T. Bear camp provides informative learning on health and wellness with sessions that focus on proper hydration, correct food consumption, balanced eating, and unique ways to have fun with food.

We target specific ways to improve motor development, enhance hand to eye coordination, eye to foot coordination, and spacial awareness. We surround your child with a complete experience to develop healthy lifestyles and build confidence during this vital part of childhood.

The games we play at this camp will enhance teamwork, mental acuity, logical thinking, and problem solving while working up a sweat. All of this is brought to your community and shared with kids who live right where you are.

The integration of all these aspects while having fun, being close to home, and in a friendly environment is what Unified Youth Inc is all about. Your local F.H.I.T. Bear Camp is just around the corner, so call (918)407-4296 for more information or buy your tickets today.